SSPMIS Bihar Payment Status 2023 & Search Beneficiary: मुख्यमंत्री वृद्धजन पेंशन योजना

वृद्धजन पेंशन योजना बिहार लाभार्थी स्थिति | SSPMIS Bihar Online Payment Status 2022 | Search Beneficiary Status | Search Application Status | मुख्यमंत्री वृद्धा पेंशन योजना बिहार लिस्ट

SSPMIS Payment Status online portal has been launched by the Social Welfare Department of the Government of Bihar.

The old age people of the state who have applied for the scheme under the Chief Minister Old Age Pension Scheme can check their status of the beneficiary pension.

Under this scheme, the monthly pension will be provided to older aged people. In this article, we will share your details on how you can see the payment status of Mukhyamantri Vriddhjan Pension Yojna (मुख्यमंत्री वृद्धजन पेंशन योजना बिहार).

Mukhyamantri Vriddhjan Pension Beneficiaries 

Eligible beneficiaries of the state who want to search their Beneficiary Pension Status 2022, then they can check the online pension status by visiting the official website.

Now the old age people of the state do not have to take any kind of trouble check their Vriddhjan Pension Yojna Pension Payment Status (वृद्धजन पेंशन योजना लाभार्थी स्थिति) as you can search on the home internet.

To make the old age people lead a respectable life without depending on anyone, the Bihar Government has prioritized the implementation of the Mukhyamantri Vriddhjan Pension Scheme (मुख्यमंत्री वृद्धजन पेंशन योजना ).

SSPMIS means Social Security Management Information System

SSPMIS Payment Status – बिहार वृद्धजन पेंशन योजना  

This scheme has been started by the Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar for old age people of the state. Under this scheme, the state government will provide monthly pension to people aged 60 years or more in Bihar.

The benefits of the Mukhyamantri Vriddhjan Pension Yojna (MVPY) under SSPMIS will be availed by all except the government employees. Under the Bihar Vridhjan Pension Scheme (बिहार वृद्धजन पेंशन योजना).

  • A sum of Rs 400 per month will be provided to men and women between the age of 60 years and 79 years.
  • Rs 500 to age above 80 years or more as a pension.

SSPMIS Scheme Details

Name of the SchemeSSPMIS Old Age Beneficiary Pension Scheme /Vriddhjan Pension Yojna Pension
Scheme Launched byGovernment of Bihar
BeneficiaryOld age people above 59 years

SSPMIS Bihar Vriddhjan Pension Yojna Apply Online

Those people of the state who have not yet applied for benefits under this Bihar Vriddhjan Pension Scheme should apply online as soon as possible. Under this scheme, the poor old age people of the state can spend their lives with dignity.

You will get the monthly pension without any delay as this Old Age Pension Scheme is a priority for the Government.

Under this SSPMIS बिहार वृद्धजन पेंशन योजना, the money will be directly transferred to the accounts of beneficiaries through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT). Trust has increased for Government in people for transparently implementing the scheme successfully.


Benefits of Bihar Vriddhjan Pension Scheme

  • The benefit of this SSPMIS Old Age Pension Scheme will be given only to the elderly living below the poverty line of 60 years or above in Bihar.
  • Applicants must be permanent residents of Bihar to receive a pension under Bihar Beneficiary Pension 2022.
  • Retired government employees of the state will not be eligible for this scheme.
  • Chief Minister Old Age Pension Scheme (मुख्यमंत्री वृद्धजन पेंशन योजना) is for empowering the elderly so that they can live without any financial trouble.
  • Under the Mukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension Scheme, all expenses will be borne by the government
  • Finally, the beneficiary will not have to pay any premium.

Kisan Registration Bihar 2022

How to Apply Online for Vriddhjan Pension Yojna

If you think you are eligible for this Yojna, you will have to follow the simple steps given below:-

  • Firstly, you have to visit
  • Further on the homepage, you will see an option ‘Click here to Apply Online Registration for Mukhyamanti Vriddhjan Pension Yojna (MVPY).

After that, you can see a form on your screen, select and enter the following details:-

  • District As Per Aadhar (District wise basis)
  • Block
  • Scheme (Scheme)
  • EPIC No. (Voter Number)
  • Name As Per EPIC (Name Voter wise)
  • Aadhar No. (Aadhaar number)
  • Date of Birth As Per Aadhar (Date of Birth as per Aadhaar):
  • Further, click on the ‘Validate Aadhaar‘ button and you can proceed with the process.
  • Subsequently, you will have to fill in the Applicant’s personal details
  • Applicant’s residential address details
  • Aadhaar and Epic Details
  • Applicant’s documents and photo (Aadhaar Card, Bank Passbook, Aadhaar Consent Document for SSPMIS, and Voter Id Document)
  • After that, click on the ‘Terms and Conditions’
  • Finally, click on the ‘Submit Application Details’ button to successfully applying for the Old Age Pension Scheme 2022.’

Manual Registration for Vriddhjan Pension Yojna

SSPMIS Panchayat Wise Report and District Wise Report

If you want to see the Social Security Management Information System reports you will have to follow the steps below:-

Firstly, go to the official portal

On the homepage, click on the ‘Reports‘ and click on the ‘Scheme Wise Report‘ option

Now, you can select the below-given schemes implementation reports district wise in the state with complete statistics

Under the Consolidated Report tab, you can select the following schemes report

Search SSPMIS Payment Status 2022

If you want to see the state of Bihar Old Age Beneficiary Pension Status Online, then you have to follow the procedure given below.

SSPMIS Beneficiary Pension Status
  • After clicking on the option, you will be redirected to the new page.
  • Now, you have to select your district andBlock
  • After that, you have to select the Search Option
  • In that option, you have to select anyone like RTPS Application No., Sanction Order No., Bank Account Number, Aaadhaar No., Voter Id No., Mobile No.
  • Further, Select the Beneficiary ID and enter the captcha code shown on your computer screen
  • After that, click on the ‘Search‘ button, and the beneficiary pension status will be displayed in front of you. In this way, you can see SSPMIS Pension Payment Status.

Scheme Wise Statistics of Sanctioned Pension

S.No.Name of the Pension SchemeNo. of Beneficiaries
1Indira Gandhi Old Age Pension(Sanctioned)143204
2Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension (Sanctioned)49484
3Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension (Sanctioned)1088
4Mukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension Yojana (Sanctioned)3110638
5Laxmi Bai Social Security Pension (Sanctioned)101066
6Bihar State Disability Pension (Sanctioned)149325

Check SSPMIS Beneficiary Status

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website of the Bihar state pension
  • Now, click on the ‘Search Beneficary Status‘ option under the Beneficiary Status tab on the main menu of the homepage
  • Now, you have to provide following details
  • Select District
  • Select Block
  • Select Search Option
  • Enter the Beneficiary Id
  • After that, enter the captcha code shown on the display
  • Subsequently, click on the ‘Search‘ button
  • Finally, you will get the bebeficary status details on your computer screen

Procedure To Verify Aadhar For Mukhyamantri Vriddhjan Pension Yojana

  • Firstly, you have to visit the official website of the SSPMIS Bihar portal
    On the homepage, click on the ‘Verify Aadhaar‘ option
  • Now, a new page will open on your computer screen, where you have to fill in the details to verify the aadhaar with a specific type of scheme implemented in the Bihar state
  • District As Per Aadhaar (आधार के अनुसार जिला)
  • Block (प्रखंड)
  • Scheme (योजना)
  • EPIC No. (मतदाता संख्या) and Click Here to Verify EPIC Details
  • Name As Per EPIC (नाम मतदाता के अनुसार)
  • Aadhaar No. (आधार संख्या)
  • Finally, click on the Validate Aadhaar (आधार सत्यापित करें) button

SSPMIS Helpline Numbers

For any SSPMIS grievance, please call the below numbers

Tel: +91-612-25465210/12 & 1800 345 6262
Email Id: [email protected]

If you have any queries regarding the pension scheme, then call the numbers given below

9693806873, 7654111101, 8797102852, 8434662318,9471271015

Helpline Numbers of Block Development Officers (BDO)

NameDistrictMobile NumberEmail id
MANOJ KUMARARARIA9431818315[email protected]
MUDHU KUMARIARARIA9431818626[email protected]
SARAFAT HUSANARARIA9470227279[email protected]
ASHOK KUMARARARIA9431818316[email protected]
MANEDRA KUMAR SINGHARARIA9431818318[email protected]
AMIT KUMARARARIA9431818317[email protected]
MANJU KUMARI KUNKUNARARIA9431818625[email protected]
RAJARAM PANDITARARIA9431818624[email protected]
SIVESH KUMAR SINGHARARIA9431818627[email protected]
SHUSHIL KUMARARWAL9431818083[email protected]
MANOJ KUMAR SRIWASTAVARWAL9431818081[email protected]
PRABHAKAR KUMARARWAL9431818018[email protected]
RAJESH KUMARARWAL9431818084[email protected]
RAJESH KUMAR DINKARARWAL9431818082[email protected]
PRABHAKAR SINGHAURANGABAD9431818098[email protected]
SANJAY KUMARAURANGABAD9471006379[email protected]
MD ZAFAR IMAMAURANGABAD9431818097[email protected]
AMRESH KUMAR MISHRAAURANGABAD9471006378[email protected]
SANJAY PATHAKAURANGABAD9431818102[email protected]
KANISK KUMAR SINGHAURANGABAD9431818095[email protected]
AMARESH KUMARAURANGABAD9431818497[email protected]
LOK PRAKASHAURANGABAD9262959292[email protected]
OMRAJPUTAURANGABAD9431818496[email protected]
ASHOK KUMARAURANGABAD9431818101[email protected]
RITESH KUMARAURANGABAD9431818498[email protected]
VIJAY KUMAR CHANDRBANKA9431818600[email protected]
SARSATI KUMARIBANKA9431818289[email protected]
SASHI BHUSHAN SAHUBANKA9431818288[email protected]
DHANDHANIYA SAHUBANKA9431818601[email protected]
MANOJE KUMAR MURMURBANKA9431818602[email protected]
DURGA SHANKARBANKA9431818291[email protected]
UPENDER DASBANKA9431818292[email protected]
BRAJESH KUMARBANKA9431818290[email protected]
AVINAB BHARTHIBANKA9431818287[email protected]
SAIHADA NUJABET MANJUBANKA9431818293[email protected]
SURENDER PRASADBANKA9431818294[email protected]
BIMLESH KUMARBEGUSARAI9431818248[email protected]
AMIT KUMAR PANDEYBEGUSARAI9431818245[email protected]
VIKASH KUMARBEGUSARAI8002443373[email protected]
SUNIL KUMARBEGUSARAI9431818247[email protected]
ABHIJIT CHAUDHARYBEGUSARAI9431818246[email protected]
AJAY KUMARBEGUSARAI9431818580[email protected]
AKHILESH KUMARBEGUSARAI9431818584[email protected]
KARPURI THAKURBEGUSARAI9431818581[email protected]
PRASHANT KUMARBEGUSARAI9431818585[email protected]
VIKASH KUMARBEGUSARAI9431818586[email protected]
SANJIT KUMARBEGUSARAI9431818582[email protected]
SHRI KUMUD RAJANBEGUSARAI9431818250[email protected]
PRABHAT KUMAR DUTTBEGUSARAI9431818244[email protected]
BHUBNESH MISHRBEGUSARAI9431818252[email protected]
ASHOK KUMARBEGUSARAI9431818583[email protected]
SRI NIVASBEGUSARAI9431818251[email protected]
BHUBNESH MISHRBEGUSARAI9431818253[email protected]
BHARAT KUMAR SINGHBEGUSARAI9431442846[email protected]
MADHU KUMARIBHAGALPUR9431818596[email protected]
VJAY KUMARBHAGALPUR9431818279[email protected]
PRIYANKA KUMARIBHAGALPUR9431818286[email protected]
PRABHAT KESHRIBHAGALPUR9431818597[email protected]
SEWTA KUMARIBHAGALPUR9431818598[email protected]
CHANDRABHUSHAN GUPTABHAGALPUR9431818283[email protected]
SANTOSH MISRABHAGALPUR9431818282[email protected]
SATENDRA SHINGHBHAGALPUR9431818596[email protected]
RAKESH KUMARBHAGALPUR9431818282[email protected]
KUDAN KUMARBHAGALPUR9431818285[email protected]
SUNIL GUPTABHAGALPUR9431818278[email protected]
RAGHUNDAN AANDBHAGALPUR9431818285[email protected]
MAMTA PRIYABHAGALPUR9428018280[email protected]
AMAR KUMAR MISHRABHAGALPUR9431818595[email protected]
ARVENDRA KUMARBHAGALPUR7091083954[email protected]
PARBHAT RANJANBHAGALPUR9431818594[email protected]
RAGHUNDAN AANDBHAGALPUR9431818285[email protected]
KALAWTI KUMARIBHOJPUR9431818453[email protected]
MANISH KUMARBHOJPUR9431818449[email protected]
ANITA KUMARIBHOJPUR9431818020[email protected]
SANDIP KUMAR PANDAYBHOJPUR9431818022[email protected]
TEJ BHADURBHOJPUR9431818454[email protected]
KRISHAN MURARIBHOJPUR9431818017[email protected]
MANENDR KUMAKBHOJPUR9431818023[email protected]
MANISH KUMARBHOJPUR9431818019[email protected]
BINDU KUMARBHOJPUR9431818021[email protected]
PRASANT KUMARBHOJPUR9431818451[email protected]
SUNIL KUMAR GAOTAMBHOJPUR9431818452[email protected]
DHARMENDAR SINGHBHOJPUR9431818450[email protected]
SHREE BIR BHADUR PATHAKBHOJPUR9431818018[email protected]
SATYENDRA PRASARBUXAR9829295868[email protected]
ROHIT KUMAR MISHRABUXAR9431818455[email protected]
SURENDRA TATIBUXAR9431818459[email protected]
SYED SARFARAZUDDIN AHMADBUXAR8409469900[email protected]
ASHOK KUMARBUXAR9431818458[email protected]
PRAMOD KUMARBUXAR9431818456[email protected]
RITU RANJANBUXAR9431818028[email protected]
SMRITIBUXAR9431818030[email protected]
RAVINDRA KUMARBUXAR9431818457[email protected]
ARUN KUMARBUXAR9431818027[email protected]
SUNIL KUMAR GAUTAMBUXAR9431818025[email protected]
RITESH KUMARDARBHANGA9431818556[email protected]
ANAND KUMARDARBHANGA9471202836[email protected]
BHAGWAN JHADARBHANGA9431818206[email protected]
JAGAT NARAYAN JHADARBHANGA9431818204[email protected]
JITENDRA KUMARDARBHANGA9431818555[email protected]
RAVI SINHADARBHANGA9431818208[email protected]
SHAMS TAVREJ ALAMDARBHANGA9431818205[email protected]
LAKSHMAN KUMARDARBHANGA9431818557[email protected]
OM PARKASHDARBHANGA9431818558[email protected]
RAKESHKUMARDARBHANGA9431818203[email protected]
RINA KUMARIDARBHANGA9431818211[email protected]
SANJAI KUMAR SINGHDARBHANGA9431818209[email protected]
ASHOK KUMAR JIJHNASUDARBHANGA9431818210[email protected]
MANOJ KUMAR ROYDARBHANGA9431818207[email protected]
AABHA KUMARIDARBHANGA9431818553[email protected]
DHANANJAY KUMARDARBHANGA9431818559[email protected]
RAJESH KUMARDARBHANGA9431818202[email protected]
MAHESHCHANDRA KUMARDARBHANGA9431818545[email protected]
ASHISH KR MISHRAEAST CHAMPARAN9471006322[email protected]
KIRAN KUMARIEAST CHAMPARAN9431818533[email protected]
ANAND KUMAREAST CHAMPARAN9431818534[email protected]
SUNITA KUMARIEAST CHAMPARAN9431818162[email protected]
SIMA KUMARIEAST CHAMPARAN9431818156[email protected]
MD NAZIB ANVAREAST CHAMPARAN9431818163[email protected]
ASHOK KUMAREAST CHAMPARAN9431818160[email protected]
VINIT KUMAREAST CHAMPARAN9431818524[email protected]
SUNITA  KUMARIEAST CHAMPARAN9431818523[email protected]
NINU KUMARIEAST CHAMPARAN9431818532[email protected]
RAMJI PRASADEAST CHAMPARAN9431818164[email protected]
GAURI KUMARIEAST CHAMPARAN9431818525b[email protected]
INDUWALA SINGHEAST CHAMPARAN9431818151[email protected]
ADITY NARAYAN DIXITEAST CHAMPARAN9431818157[email protected]
SURAJ KUMAR SINGHEAST CHAMPARAN9431818164[email protected]
MANOJ KUMAREAST CHAMPARAN9431818528[email protected]
VINAY MOHAN JHAEAST CHAMPARAN9431818530[email protected]
MANOJ KUMAR PASSWANEAST CHAMPARAN9431818164[email protected]
RAKESH KUMAR SINGHEAST CHAMPARAN9431818159[email protected]
PRASANT KUMAREAST CHAMPARAN9431818526[email protected]
BALVANT KR PANDEYEAST CHAMPARAN9431818529[email protected]
ANTIMA KUMARIEAST CHAMPARAN9431818152[email protected]
RAJESH BHUSHANEAST CHAMPARAN9431818158[email protected]
RAMESH KUMAR SINGHGAYA9431818073[email protected]
ALOK KUMAR SHARMAGAYA9431818062[email protected]
SANJAY KUMAR PRASADGAYA9431818484[email protected]
PANKAJ KUMARGAYA9431818065[email protected]
BABLU KUMARGAYA9431818483[email protected]
PANKAJ KUMARGAYA9431818479[email protected]
NIRAJ KUMAR RAYGAYA9431818485[email protected]
SHRUTI KUMARIGAYA9431818074[email protected]
SHRI KUMUD RANJANGAYA9431818069[email protected]
AMIT KUMARGAYA9431818068[email protected]
YOGENDRA PRASADGAYA9431818488[email protected]
DR ARUN KUMARGAYA9431818067[email protected]
JAY KISHANGAYA9431811675[email protected]
RAMPRAWESH RAVIDASGAYA9431818072[email protected]
DHARMENDRA KUMAR SINGHGAYA9431818064[email protected]
ABHAY KUMARGAYA9431818066[email protected]
SHRI SNEHIL ANANDGAYA9431818063[email protected]
RAJMITI PASWANGAYA9431818489[email protected]
NIRMAL KUMARGAYA9431818487[email protected]
ARUN KUMAR NIRALAGAYA9431818070[email protected]
SANTOSH KUMAR SINGHGAYA9431818071[email protected]
SRI  KUMUD RANJANGAYA9431818486[email protected]
UDAY KUMARGAYA9431818480[email protected]
SATRUNJAY KUMAR SINGHGAYA9431818482[email protected]
ARVINDRA KUMAR GUPTAGOPALGANJ9431818198[email protected]
DR. SANJAY KUMARGOPALGANJ9431818196[email protected]
PANNA LALGOPALGANJ9431818192[email protected]
KUMARI ANJUGOPALGANJ9546972035[email protected]
RAVI KUMARGOPALGANJ9431818197[email protected]
RAKESH KUMAR CHAUBEYGOPALGANJ9431818195[email protected]
DEEP CHANDRA JOSHIGOPALGANJ9431818549[email protected]
VED PRAKASHGOPALGANJ9431818548[email protected]
ANAND KUMAR VIBHUTIGOPALGANJ9431818200[email protected]
KRISNA RAMGOPALGANJ9431818551[email protected]
VIJAY KUMAR SINGHGOPALGANJ9431818199[email protected]
SUMAN SINGHGOPALGANJ9431818552[email protected]
SANDEEP SARAUVGOPALGANJ9431818194[email protected]
ANUPAM KUMARJEHANABAD9431818075[email protected]
SAURAV SINHAJEHANABAD9431818490[email protected]
DEVENDRA KUMAR PASWANJEHANABAD9431818077[email protected]
AJAY KUMARJEHANABAD7004536619[email protected]
ANIL MISTRIJEHANABAD9431818078[email protected]
ANUPAM KUMARJEHANABAD9431818076[email protected]
RAMNATH KUMARJEHANABAD9431818080[email protected]
SHASHIKANT SHARMAKAIMUR BHABUA9431818056[email protected]
MAYANK KUMAR  SINGHKAIMUR BHABUA9431818475[email protected]
RAJESH KUMARKAIMUR BHABUA9431818060[email protected]
RAVI RANJANKAIMUR BHABUA9431818476[email protected]
PRASANT KUMAR PRASUNKAIMUR BHABUA9431818058[email protected]
RAJU KUMARKAIMUR BHABUA9431818477[email protected]
AJAY KUMAR SHINGHKAIMUR BHABUA9431818474[email protected]
AMOL MISRAKAIMUR BHABUA9431818061[email protected]
JANARDAN TIWARIKAIMUR BHABUA9431818057[email protected]
ARVIND KUMAR SINGHKAIMUR BHABUA9431818478[email protected]
ALOK KUMAR SARMAKAIMUR BHABUA9431818059[email protected]
MRITYUNJAYA KUMARKATIHAR8544412605[email protected]
ANURAG ADITYAKATIHAR9431818332[email protected]
AJAY KUMAR PRINCEKATIHAR9431818630[email protected]
SATYENDRA SINGHKATIHAR9431818325[email protected]
ZIAUL HAQUEKATIHAR9431818333[email protected]
ANURAG ADITYAKATIHAR9431818326[email protected]
REKHA DEVIKATIHAR9131818631[email protected]
MANISH KUMAR SRIWASTABKATIHAR9431818633[email protected]
RAKESH KUMAR GUPTAKATIHAR9431818327[email protected]
RAJ KUMAR CHAUDHARIKATIHAR9431818628[email protected]
SUMIT KUMARKATIHAR9431818330[email protected]
NUTAN KUMARIKATIHAR9431818329[email protected]
CHHAYA KUMARIKATIHAR9431818629[email protected]
SUDHIR[email protected]
SAROJ KUMARKATIHAR9431818334[email protected]
SATYENDRA SINGHKATIHAR9431818331[email protected]
AJIT KUMAR RAUSHANKHAGARIA9431818591[email protected]
SASHI BHUSAN KUMARKHAGARIA9431818277[email protected]
RAJ KUMAR PANDITKHAGARIA9431818276[email protected]
AJAY KR.DASKHAGARIA9431067542[email protected]
RAJESH KUMARRAJANKHAGARIA9431818275[email protected]
ABID HUSAINKHAGARIA9431818592[email protected]
RAVI SHANKAR KUMARKHAGARIA9431818274[email protected]
ZULFEQUAR ADILKISHANGANJ9431818322[email protected]
PURAN SAHKISHANGANJ9431818323[email protected]
MINHAJ AHMADKISHANGANJ9431818320[email protected]
SIKANDAR ALAMKISHANGANJ9431818321[email protected]
SHAMIM SAURAV  MANIKISHANGANJ9431818623[email protected]
GULJARI KUMAR PANDITKISHANGANJ9431818622[email protected]
SHRIRAM PASWANKISHANGANJ9431818324[email protected]
VIJAY KUMARLAKHISARAI9431818262[email protected]
RAKESH KUMARLAKHISARAI9431818575[email protected]
MANJUL MANOHAR MADHUPLAKHISARAI9431818261[email protected]
ARSHAD RAZA KHANLAKHISARAI9431818574[email protected]
VIJAY KUMAR SINGHLAKHISARAI9431818576[email protected]
ANJANA KUMARIMADHUBANI9431818221[email protected]
DHANANJAY KUMARMADHUBANI9431818564[email protected]
ASHOK PRASADMADHUBANI9431818226[email protected]
MOHD.MUSTAKMADHUBANI9431818365[email protected]
TEJ PRATAPMADHUBANI9431818563[email protected]
AMIT KUMAR AMANMADHUBANI9431818220[email protected]
NAMADHUBANI9431818561[email protected]
NAVAL KISHOR THAKURMADHUBANI9431818222[email protected]
CHANDRAKANTAMADHUBANI9431818212[email protected]
VAIBHAV KUMARMADHUBANI9431818223[email protected]
MARKENDEY RAYMADHUBANI9431818224[email protected]
AHMER ABDALIMADHUBANI9431818215[email protected]
MANOJ KUMAR SINGHMADHUBANI9431818560[email protected]
MAHESWAR PANDITMADHUBANI9431818213[email protected]
KISHOR KUMARMADHUBANI9431818219[email protected]
PRAKASH KUMARMADHUBANI9431818216[email protected]
AASHUTOSH KUMARMADHUBANI9431818562[email protected]
NAMADHUBANI9431818218bdo.kha-m[email protected]
RAJESHWAR RAMMADHUBANI9431818214[email protected]
SANJAY KUMAR DASMADHUBANI9431818214[email protected]
SUJIT KUMAR RAUTHMADHUBANI9431818217[email protected]
PRASHANT  KUMARMUNGER9431818573[email protected]
RAKESH KUMARMUNGER9431818259[email protected]
PRABHAT RANJANMUNGER9431818572[email protected]
RAJEEV KUMARMUNGER9431818255[email protected]
SRI SATNARAYAN PANDITMUNGER9431818571[email protected]
VEENA MISRAMUNGER9431818254[email protected]
PREM PRAKASHMUNGER9431818257[email protected]
SHYAM KUMARMUNGER9431818256[email protected]
DRISHTI PATHAKMUNGER9431818258[email protected]
DRISTI PATHAKMUNGER9431818258[email protected]
SHYAM KUMARMUNGER9431818256[email protected]
ALAKH NIRANJANMUZAFFARPUR9431818500[email protected]
RAHUL RAJMUZAFFARPUR9431818114[email protected]
NIL KAMALMUZAFFARPUR9431818110[email protected]
JITENDRA KUMAR RAMMUZAFFARPUR9431818499[email protected]
ANIL KUMARMUZAFFARPUR9431818105[email protected]
UMA BHARTIMUZAFFARPUR9431818113[email protected]
RAM KUMAR PASWANMUZAFFARPUR9431818112[email protected]
HARI MOHAN KUMARMUZAFFARPUR9431818107[email protected]
RENU SINHAMUZAFFARPUR9431818501[email protected]
VARSHAMUZAFFARPUR9431818109[email protected]
RAVI RANJANMUZAFFARPUR9431818104[email protected]
SANJAY KUMAR SINHAMUZAFFARPUR9431818115[email protected]
ARVIND KUMAR SINGHMUZAFFARPUR9431818106[email protected]
HUSNA ARAMUZAFFARPUR9431818103[email protected]
BHRIGUNATH SINGHMUZAFFARPUR9431818108[email protected]
PANKAJ KUMAR NIGAMNALANDA9431818037[email protected]
MD FIROZNALANDA9431818462[email protected]
RAJEEV RANJANNALANDA9431818039[email protected]
SURAJ KUMARNALANDA9431818464[email protected]
VISHAL ANANDNALANDA9431818034[email protected]
MANOJ KUMAR PANDITNALANDA9431818040[email protected]
DHARMVEER KUMARNALANDA9431818460[email protected]
MANJUSHA PARSADNALANDA9431818033[email protected]
RAJDEV KUMAR RAJAKNALANDA9431818461[email protected]
MEENU SRIVASTABNALANDA9431818042[email protected]
SANJEEB KUMARNALANDA9431818044[email protected]
RITESH KUMARNALANDA9431818041[email protected]
RANJEET KUMARNALANDA9431818032[email protected]
VIJAY KUMAR SHINGHNALANDA9431818423[email protected]
VIVEK KUMARNALANDA9431818031[email protected]
RAJAN LAL NIGAMNALANDA9431818036[email protected]
NAND KISHORNALANDA9472837929[email protected]
DR ANJANI KUMARNALANDA9431818043[email protected]
TARUN KUMAT YADAVNALANDA9431818045[email protected]
RAVI KUMARNALANDA9431818033[email protected]
RAVI KUMARNALANDA9431818033[email protected]
RAVI KUMARNALANDA9431818033[email protected]
RAVI KUMARNALANDA9431818033[email protected]
NAUSHAD ALAM SIDDHIKINAWADA9431818088[email protected]
KUNJ BIHARI SINGHNAWADA9431818091[email protected]
MIRTUNJAY KUMARNAWADA9431818089[email protected]
BHARAT KUMARNAWADA8210097645[email protected]
SANJEEV KUMAR JHANAWADA9431818492[email protected]
MD EJAZ ALAMNAWADA9431418094[email protected]
RAJIV RANJANNAWADA9431818093[email protected]
UMESH KUMAR SINGHNAWADA9431818090[email protected]
KUMAR SAILENDRANAWADA9431818086[email protected]
AKHILESH KUMARNAWADA9431818493[email protected]
PREM SAGAR MISHRANAWADA9431818087[email protected]
RAM PUKAR YADAVNAWADA9431818092[email protected]
AKHILESH KUMARNAWADA9431818494[email protected]
SHAMBHU CHAUDHARINAWADA9431818085[email protected]
KUMAR MANISH BHARDWAJPATNA9431818014[email protected]
RAMNATH KUMARPATNA9431818011[email protected]
NAPATNA9431818006[email protected]
GAYATRI DEVIPATNA9431818447[email protected]
VEEBHESH ANANDPATNA9431818003[email protected]
RAJEEV RANJANPATNA9431818444[email protected]
DEVENDRA KUMARPATNA9431818010[email protected]
SANJAY KUMAR SINHAPATNA9431818446[email protected]
RAMJI PASWANPATNA9431818001[email protected]
NAPATNA9431818016[email protected]
NAPATNA9431818012[email protected]
NAPATNA9431818015[email protected]
PANKAJ KUMAR DIKSHITPATNA9431818013[email protected]
CHANDAN PRASADPATNA9431818009[email protected]
PANKAJ KUMARPATNA9431818637[email protected]
NAPATNA9431818007[email protected]
SUSHIL KUMARPATNA9431818004[email protected]
CHANDAN KUMARPATNA9431818005[email protected]
KUMARI PUJAPATNA9431818445[email protected]
RANJEET VARMAPATNA9431818000[email protected]
NAPATNA9431818002[email protected]
NAPATNA9431818008[email protected]
NAPATNA9431818448[email protected]
DR KHURSID ALAMPURNIA9431818336[email protected]
AAQUIL ANJUMPURNIA9431818619[email protected]
RANDHIR KUMARPURNIA9431818340[email protected]
KISHOR KUMARPURNIA9431818618[email protected]
MUKESH KUMAR RAJAKPURNIA9431818620[email protected]
PREAM KUMARPURNIA9431818617[email protected]
UMESH PRASAD SIGHPURNIA9431818338[email protected]
DR. RAVIRANJANPURNIA9431818339[email protected]
MONALISA PRIYADARSHANIPURNIA9431818621[email protected]
ASHA KUMARIPURNIA9431818341[email protected]
RAKESH KUMAR THAKURPURNIA9431818343[email protected]
AJAY KUMARPURNIA9431818335[email protected]
PANKAJ KUMARPURNIA9431818342[email protected]
OMPRAKASHPURNIA9431818337[email protected]
KUNDAN KUMARROHTAS9431818055[email protected]
AJAY KUMARROHTAS9431818050[email protected]
KRISHNA KUMARROHTAS9431818467[email protected]
ARUN KUMAR SINGHROHTAS9431818053[email protected]
PRASHANT KUMARROHTAS9431818468[email protected]
MD.ASLAMROHTAS9431818051[email protected]
MANOJ KUMARROHTAS9431818469[email protected]
MANISH KUMARROHTAS9431818046[email protected]
BAIJJU MISHRAROHTAS9431818465[email protected]
PANKAJ KUMARROHTAS9431818049[email protected]
SUMITA KUMARIROHTAS9431818047[email protected]
ANIL KUMARROHTAS9431818047[email protected]
KUMUD RANJANROHTAS9431818472[email protected]
SRI MATI SMRITIROHTAS9431818052[email protected]
PAWAN KUMAR THAKURROHTAS9431818048[email protected]
MUN AARIF RAHMANROHTAS9431818471[email protected]
BINOD KUMAR PRASHADROHTAS9431818054[email protected]
NIRAJ KUMARROHTAS8084798015[email protected]
KRANTI KUMARROHTAS9431818048[email protected]
AMRENDRA KUMA AMARSAHARSA9431818297[email protected]
MD AFJAR ALISAHARSA9431818605[email protected]
PARSURAM SINGHSAHARSA9431818298[email protected]
VIVEK RANJANSAHARSA9431818603[email protected]
ALISHA KUMARISAHARSA9431818301[email protected]
CHANDRA GUPT KUMAR BAITHASAHARSA9431818299[email protected]
KARPURI THAKURSAHARSA9431818295[email protected]
MANOJ KUMARSAHARSA9431818296[email protected]
BIBHESH ANANDSAHARSA9905535579[email protected]
SUDHIR KUMARSAHARSA9431818300[email protected]
AMIT KUMARSAMASTIPUR9431818242[email protected]
KUMAR SHAORAVSAMASTIPUR9162524200[email protected]
VIRENDRA KR SINGHSAMASTIPUR9431818235[email protected]
PREM KUMAR YADAVSAMASTIPUR9431818238[email protected]
DHANANJAY KUMARSAMASTIPUR9431818232[email protected]
PRIYA KUMARISAMASTIPUR9431818232[email protected]
MANOJ KUMARSAMASTIPUR9431818570[email protected]
ABHIJEET CHAUDHRISAMASTIPUR9431818634[email protected]
PRASHANT KUMARSAMASTIPUR9304850257[email protected]
ABHIJEET CHAUDHRISAMASTIPUR9431818634[email protected]
RAJESHWAR RAMSAMASTIPUR9431818230[email protected]
LAXMAN KUMARSAMASTIPUR9431818233[email protected]
SHREWAGNI KUMARISAMASTIPUR9431818229[email protected]
DR. BHUVNESHSAMASTIPUR9431818227[email protected]
ABHIJIT KUMARSAMASTIPUR9431818231[email protected]
PREM KUMAR YADAVSAMASTIPUR9431818238[email protected]
JAY KISHANSAMASTIPUR9431818236[email protected]
LAXMAN KUMARSAMASTIPUR9431818568[email protected]
SANJEEW KUMARSAMASTIPUR9431818334[email protected]
MOH. NAJIV ANWARSAMASTIPUR9431818563[email protected]
MAHESH CHANDRASAMASTIPUR9431818566[email protected]
SHRI BIBHU VIVEKSARAN9431818535[email protected]
SHRI SUDAMA PRASAD SINGHSARAN9431285320[email protected]
RAMAN SINHASARAN9431818167[email protected]
BDO DARIARPURSARAN9431818176[email protected]
SHRI SATISH PRIYA VERMASARAN9431818169[email protected]
DR.KUNDANSARAN9431818175[email protected]
SHRI PULAK KUMARSARAN9431818174[email protected]
NASARAN9431818175[email protected]
ARVIND KUMARSARAN9431818177[email protected]
RAGHUVENDRA KUMARSARAN9431818540[email protected]
SHRI PULAK KUMARSARAN9431818179[email protected]
NASARAN9431818168[email protected]
SHRI AMRESH KUMARSARAN9431818178[email protected]
RANJIT KUMARSARAN9431818173[email protected]
SRINIWASSARAN9431818537[email protected]
NASARAN9431818538[email protected]
SHRI RAJAT KISHOR SINGHSARAN9431818171[email protected]
KUMARI ARCHANASARAN9431818170[email protected]
AFTAB ALAMSARAN9431818536[email protected]
NASARAN9431826818[email protected]
CHANDRA MOHAN PASWANSHEIKHPURA9431818265[email protected]
MANJUL MANOHAR MADHUPSHEIKHPURA9431818266[email protected]
MITHILESH PRASADSHEIKHPURA9431818264[email protected]
SANJAY KUMARSHEIKHPURA9431818577[email protected]
KAMLA KUMARISHEIKHPURA9437818578[email protected]
SUNIL KUMAR SINGHSHEIKHPURA9122519033[email protected]
MD.TAUKIR HASMISHEOHAR9431818135[email protected]
SANJEET KUMARSHEOHAR9431818517[email protected]
SANJEEV KUMARSHEOHAR9431818512[email protected]
AKHILESHWAR PD SINGHSHEOHAR9431818518[email protected]
RAKESH KUMAR SINGHSHEOHAR9852601325[email protected]
MR. JAY KUMAR MISHRASITAMARHI9431818508[email protected]
MR. MUKESH KUMARSITAMARHI9431818129[email protected]
SRI RAJEEV KUMARSITAMARHI9431818506[email protected]
SRI KUNAL KUMARSITAMARHI9431818509[email protected]
SRI AMRENDRA PANDITSITAMARHI7779998382[email protected]
MR. SANJAY KUMAR RAYSITAMARHI9431818516[email protected]
SRI MUKESH KUMARSITAMARHI9431818133[email protected]
SRI AMAR KUMARSITAMARHI9431818511[email protected]
SRI PRADEEP KUMARSITAMARHI9431818128[email protected]
SRI RUPENDRA KUMAR JHASITAMARHI9431818507[email protected]
SRI SANJAY KUMAR PANDAYSITAMARHI9431818514[email protected]
SMT. RAGINI SAHUSITAMARHI9431818510[email protected]
SRI SAROJ KUMAR BAITHASITAMARHI9431818134[email protected]
SRI NIRANJAN KUMARSITAMARHI9431818132[email protected]
MR. RAHUL KUMARSITAMARHI9431818513[email protected]
MD. UNUSH SHALIMSITAMARHI9431818131[email protected]
SMT. NILAMSIWAN9431818182[email protected]
ASHOK KUMARSIWAN9546874840[email protected]
MD ASHIFSIWAN9431818190[email protected]
ABHAY KUMARSIWAN7091328111[email protected]
LALBABU PASWANSIWAN9434818542[email protected]
RITA SINHASIWAN9431818544[email protected]
MUKESH KUMARSIWAN8969743957[email protected]
DHIRAN KR. DUBEYSIWAN9431818183[email protected]
DEEPAK KUMAR SINGHSIWAN9431818547[email protected]
RAKESH KUMAR CHAUBESIWAN9431818186[email protected]
MD.ALLAUDIN ANSARISIWAN7321084872[email protected]
NAND KISHOR SAHSIWAN9431818184[email protected]
SHAILENDRA KR. SINGHSIWAN9431818541[email protected]
PRASHANT KUMARSIWAN9431818191[email protected]
ISMAIL ANSARISIWAN9852077468[email protected]
SANTOS KR MISHRASIWAN9431818181[email protected]
RANJEET KUMAR SINGHSIWAN9431818543[email protected]
SATYENDRA KUMARSIWAN9431818189[email protected]
SUNIL KUMAR GONDSIWAN9431818150[email protected]
DEVNAND KUMARSUPAUL9431818305[email protected]
SUBHASH KUMARSUPAUL9431818306[email protected]
RAJA RAM PASWANSUPAUL9431818616[email protected]
AJEET KUMAR SINGHSUPAUL9431818307[email protected]
MAMTA KUMARISUPAUL9431818613[email protected]
ARVIND KUMARSUPAUL9431818303[email protected]
ANIT KUMARSUPAUL9431818302[email protected]
MD MOEIDDINSUPAUL9431818615[email protected]
DR.MANI MALASUPAUL9431818304[email protected]
ALISHA KUMARISUPAUL9431818614[email protected]
VIRENDRA KUMARSUPAUL9431818308[email protected]
AJAY KUMARVAISHALI9431818117[email protected]
RAKESH KUMARVAISHALI9431818118[email protected]
AROMA MODIVAISHALI9431818126[email protected]
RAGHUWAR PRASADVAISHALI9431818120[email protected]
PRASHANT KUMARVAISHALI9430832814[email protected]
RADHA RAMAN MURARIVAISHALI9431818121[email protected]
RAJEEV KUMAR SINHAVAISHALI9431818505[email protected]
PRABHAT RANJANVAISHALI9431646825[email protected]
RAJEEV RANJAN KUMARVAISHALI9431818503[email protected]
SANDEEP KUMARVAISHALI9431818125[email protected]
AVDHESH KUMAR RAYVAISHALI9431818504[email protected]
PREM RAJVAISHALI9431818119[email protected]
CO YOGENDRA PRASAD SINGHVAISHALI9431818124[email protected]
DR. SUDHARSAN KUMARVAISHALI9431818116[email protected]
DHEERAJ KUMARVAISHALI9431818502[email protected]
SHASHI SEKHARVAISHALI9431818127[email protected]
VARUN KETANWEST CHAMPARAN9431818137[email protected]
BASANT KUMAR SINGHWEST CHAMPARAN9431818519[email protected]
DINESH KUMAR SINGHWEST CHAMPARAN9431818522[email protected]
DINBANDHU DIWAKARWEST CHAMPARAN9431818139[email protected]
SHRIKANT THAKURWEST CHAMPARAN9431818144[email protected]
RANJIV KUMARWEST CHAMPARAN9431818148[email protected]
POONAM KUMARIWEST CHAMPARAN9431818141[email protected]
VINAY KUMAR SINGHWEST CHAMPARAN6200818891[email protected]
RAJKISHOR SHARMAWEST CHAMPARAN9431818138[email protected]
GURUDEV PRASAD  GUPTAWEST CHAMPARAN9931629088[email protected]
NIBHA KUMARIWEST CHAMPARAN9431818145[email protected]
BIDU KUMA RAMWEST CHAMPARAN9852005868[email protected]
JITENDAR SINGHWEST CHAMPARAN9431818149[email protected]
PRANAW GIRIWEST CHAMPARAN9431818143[email protected]
MITHILESH KUMARWEST CHAMPARAN9431818137[email protected]
SANNI SAURBHWEST CHAMPARAN9431818521[email protected]