Cypress College: Courses Programs, Scholarships, Admission Application Process For 2023

Nowadays, when travel is convenient and dreaming to study abroad is easiest. You can consider studying in one of the world’s best universities. California is one such famous destination known for Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

Also, the North Orange County district has diversified courses for students worldwide. Today, we will help you learn about Cypress College which is one of the best community colleges in Cypress. 

About Cypress College

Cypress College is a community college in the United States, which is established in Cypress, California. This college offers a wide range of programs for students willing to enroll in Undergraduate programs.

It offers 2-year degree programs to domestic and international students. Also, it has been offering seats for transfer programs to 4-year universities. Besides, Cypress is a renowned institute for credit ESL program that has established its reputation in the USA.

Cypress College Overview 

College NameCypress College
LocationSouthern California, The USA
Official College Webpage See Here
Total Weeks in Semesters16 weeks
Admission Session August (fall Intake)January (spring Intake)
Application ModeApply for a degree or certificate courses online through the ApplyCCC portal.
Famous Academic Programs in CypressScienceEngineeringAccountingAirline and TravelHotel & Culinary Degrees
Programs Available 73 UG Degree Programs176 career-certificate programs

New Updates for admission in Cypress Community College

  • As per latest guidelines, Health Science students have to apply through the general student application category for 2021-22 session.
  • Online CCCApply is open for the fall, summer, and spring 2021-22 semesters.

Financial Aid for Students in Cypress College

To get assistance with your course fees and other expenses while studying in Cypress you can take direct help from the campus. Learn more about scholarships from here.

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How can I apply for Cypress College in 2022?

To apply to Cypress College, you have to apply through the California Community College Application portal. You can choose your choice of courses or programs from a list of 50+ varieties in this community institute. We’ve made it easier by listing programs and details below:

  1. Choose your Degree or Certificate Program in Cypress College
Program TypeDegree or Certificate Program Major Course PeriodEstimated Average Fees Earning Opportunities
Accounting DegreeAccounting Associate in Science2 Years$2,760/-
Employment – You can work for businesses as an accountant
Accounting CertificateAccounting 1-2 Years$1,288/-Employment – Government employee 
Accounting DegreeBusiness Administration Associate in Science for Transfer2 Years$2,760/-Employment – You can work for Non Profit organizations, Public accounting firms, or can freelance accounting services.
GeographyCertificateMajor in Geography1-2 YearsIt ranges between $690/- to $1,242/-Average Salary – $37,029/- to 60,312/-Employment – Drone operators or Surveyor
GeographyDegreeMajor in Geography2 years$2,760/-Average Salary – $37,029/- to 60,312/-Employment – Drone operators or Surveyor
Homeland Security CertificateHomeland Transportation1-2 Years$828/-Employment – You get work in government offices, law enforcement, etc. 
Homeland SecurityDegreeAssociate in Science Transfer2 years$2,760/-Employment – This degree will help you work as a US coast guard, special forces in the US, etc.
Art HistoryDegree2 years
Asian StudiesDegree2 years
Air Conditioning & RefrigerationCertificateMajor in Science1-2 Years$552Average Salary – Per-hour pay is $20-25. Employment – You can work as a professional in the refrigeration field.
Air Conditioning & RefrigerationDegreeMajor in Science2 years$2,760Average Salary – $51,986 
AnthropologyDegree/CertificateMajor in Anthropology2 YearsAverage Salary – $36,000/- to $208,00/-  Employment – Anthropologist, Archeologist, Manager. 
ArtsDegreeMajor in Arts2 YearsAverage Salary – Lies between $22000 to $187,000. Employment – Jobs are available as Art Teacher, Artist, Painter, Illustrator, etc.
Aviation & Travel Degree/certificate Average Salary – $35 per hour 
Automotive TechnologyCertificateAutomotive major1-2 Years$736Employment as Subaru Dealers, Toyota, etc
Automotive TechnologyDegreeAutomotive major2 Years$3,358Employment in Honda, Hyundai, and Ford is also possible.
Bachelors of ScienceDegreeMajor in Biology2 YearsAverage Salary – The salary can range from $40,000 to $208,000.
Bachelors of ScienceDegreeMajor in Chemistry2 YearsAverage Salary – The salary can range from $40,000 to $208,000.
Commercial Music Management CertificateMusic Major1 Year$690You can start working for production companies, video game companies, and private commercial music educators.
Recording Arts CertificateMusic Major1 Year$690You can start working for production companies, video game companies, and private commercial music educators.
Associate in Arts in MusicAssociate DegreeMusic 2 Year$2,760You can start working for production companies, video game companies, and private commercial music educators.
Law Office Administration Associate in Science Degree Major in Law2 YearsAfter completion, you can get a job in law offices, court reporting agencies, etc.
Legal Administrative Assistant CertificateMajor in Law1 YearAfter completion, you can get a job in law offices, court reporting agencies, etc.
Proofreading CertificateCertificateMajor in Law1 YearAfter completion, you can get a job in law offices, court reporting agencies, etc.
Court Reporting Associate in Science Degree Major in Law2 YearsAfter completion, you can get a job in law offices, court reporting agencies, etc.
Computer ScienceDegree Major in computer2 YearsAfter course completion, you can work as a computer scientist or computer science professor.
JournalismDegree Major in Journalism2 YearsAverage Salary – It starts from $24,000 to $192,000.
CommunicationsDegreeMajor in Communication 2 Years
Creative Writing DegreeDegree/certificateMajor English1-2 YearsYou can become a writer.
Elementary Teacher EducationDegree/certificateMajor in Education1-2 YearsYou can pursue a full-time teacher.
Bachelors of ArtsDegree/certificateEconomics Major1-2 YearsAverage Salary – your salary can range between $32,000 to $208,000.
Diagnostic Medical SonographyDegreeMedical Major2-3 Years$46 per unit
Employment – As a graduate, you can work in any hospital or clinic.
Dental HygieneDegreeMedical Major2-3 Years$46 per unitEmployment – As a graduate, you can work in any hospital or clinic
Dental AssistantDegreeMedical Major2-3 Years$46 per unitAverage Salary – You can expect a salary ranging from $30,000 to $46,000.
Arts DegreeDegreeDance Major2 YearsAverage Salary – You can earn from $18,000 to $187,000.
Energy and Sustainable TechnologyDegreeEnergy and Sustainable Technologies Associate in Science2 Years$736Average Salary – Employment
Energy and Sustainable TechnologyCertificateSolar Energy, Windy Energy, and Geothermal Energy1-2 Years$2,760Average Salary – Employment
Foreign LanguageDegree/certificateMajor in Languages2 YearsAverage Salary – From $28,000 to $190,000.
Ethnic StudiesDegree/certificateMajor in Cultural studies2 YearsAverage Salary – From $40,000 to $181,000.
Second Language Course – EnglishDegree/certificateEnglish Major2 Years
Employment – You can pursue a career in teaching, journalism, or in writing.
Literature CourseDegree/certificateEnglish Major 2 YearsAverage Salary – It can start from $43,000 to $200,000.
Engineering CourseDegree/certificateMajor in Engineering2 YearsAverage Salary – From $55,000 to $191,000.

*Note: The fee amount and course details can be altered and updated by the authority of Cypress College.

  1.  What to do before Applying to Cypress College?
  • OpenCCC account before starting your admission process for Cypress College.
  • To open your account SIgn In if you have already registered.
  • Then, you need to give your email or mobile number with password to sign in.
  • If you’re new to the CCCApply portal, click on Create an Account
  • This will redirect you to the registration portal. From here you can create your account on the CCC(California Community Colleges) portal.
  1. Begin your Application for New Admission 

There are 3 kinds of applications you can choose from to apply to Cypress College.

Click on any of the above application categories to learn more about it.

Now Apply through California Community Colleges Application Portal 

Once you’ve selected your course type and began applying for admission to Cypress. Now, it’s time to submit your application fees.

  1. Send your Documents & Submit your Application 

You have to send your documents and certificates to the respective college authorities for verification during the application process. 

With that done, you’re done with the application submission for your admission. Then you’ll hear within a few weeks from Cypress about your application update. If you wish to check your application update, follow the steps below.

  1. Check your Application Status & Update

It’s important to keep a regular check on your college application to avoid any uncertain discrepancies.

For that, once you’ve completed your application on CCCApply you will receive a registration email at your email address. Here, you will receive details for your classes and future updates. 

  1. Prepare for after Admission Requirements
  • Educational Fees/ Semester Fees
  • Accommodation
  • Travel & Visa
  • Virtual Class Schedules

These few steps above will help you get admission into Cypress College for the upcoming 2022.

Guidance from Student Help Desk

Cypress college holds great potential for your future growth as a student. To join Cypress in 2022, you can apply through the CUNY application portal.

For your admission-related queries, you can reach out to the student helpline desk from hereAlso, you can send a mail to [email protected] or contact through 714-484-7000 for inquiries. Hope you got all information regarding the cypress college admission procedure, course details with and duration of the program along with the fee structure.